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This is the portal of Julian Vigo from which you can access her experimental videos, feature films, essays, blog, photography, activist work, bio and cv.


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A catalogue of my more experimental video and installation work, Pomegranate is a  “guerrilla video” project of minimalist, abstract and ethnographic dimensions.


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A collection of my more scholarly essays and chapters from my books detailing various philosophical, anthropological, art history and theoretical matters.


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Oneworld is my blog usually updated on an average of three times per week.  These are short pieces which span the ethnographic, philosophical and pop-culture.


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This is a collection of the human and animal rights and permaculture work with which I am and have been involved.


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Protoplasmatic, my photography website, contains many “drive-by shootings” as well as the more pastoral, sites of industry, construction and sites of the quotidian.

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Julian Vigo is a scholar, filmmaker, artist, dj, yogi, and activist who works on public space and performance, disappeared bodies, cultural violence, and social hypertrophy. Having lived all over this planet, she has created work which is informed as much … Continue reading